Healing Journey

The images on this page are of artwork I created, starting in 2006.  Most were created when I was a protegee in a mentorship program sponsored by the Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota (WARM).  I intuitively entered that program in 2008 after experiencing profound healing while creating my Talking Suitcase at a grief workshop following my mother’s death. During the two years of the mentorship program, I was concurrently enrolled in an experientially-based holistic health coaching program at the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota.

                                                                                Talking Suitcase

As a psychiatric nurse I was no stranger to talk therapy, but the healing power of imagery was new to me. I was at a point in my life where I was ready to dig more deeply into healing from early childhood trauma and I sensed that the art experience would augment the personal transformative work required in the coaching program.  That is exactly what happened, but to a degree that exceeded my wildest imagination and changed my life.

Although I have no formal art education, I am a lifelong knitting addict and lover of all things fiber. As I started the mentorship program, I was obsessed with wet-felting and its rich metaphors related to healing. I created Going Deeper, a seven-foot rug, only realizing after the fact that I was grounding myself through the work. It took two days and a team of ten friends to actually get the rug felted — a valuable lesson in the importance of seeking help and building community.

                                                                                Going Deeper

At that time, I was regularly listening to guided imagery as part of my deep healing work.  Riding the Waves emerged out of that guided imagery, as did The Bandaged Place, a six-foot mobile of fiber-covered chicken wire hearts.  Garden Within followed — an abstract representation of the safe place I imagined while listening to my guided imagery scripts.

                                                                                Riding the Waves

                                                                                The Bandaged Place

                                                                                Garden Within

I began Breaking Open to Joy — a piece that took over two years to complete — immediately after returning from a week-long Knitting and Meditation Retreat. After intuitively tearing in half the felted piece I had created as the foundation, I re-joined the pieces by knitting them back together. Much as had been the case with Going Deeper, I only saw after the fact how the work reflected the major life transitions I had moved through during that period, as I stitched the pieces of my life back together after divorce.

                                                                                Breaking Open to Joy

My current work-in-progress, Rewriting the Stories, already has a name despite being unfinished. I am tearing up the pages of 25+ years of my journals, making them into paper, and binding the paper into blank books.  On the freshly created pages of those journals, I will write new life stories.

Through this work, I learned much about my own creative process.  In response to an image that spontaneously comes to me — sometimes while meditating, I intuitively create something tangible, process its meaning through writing, and experience the healing by sharing it with others, both verbally and visually. I also learned that creativity and expressive arts open doors to healing that I might never pass through if I seek therapies that only engage my left-brain.

During this period, I also explored many other healing modalities, including bodywork and energy work.  The experiences confirmed my belief that health and well-being are about resiliency, balance and the integration of mind, body, and spirit. The combination of the arts with the integrative therapies was a profoundly powerful healing experience for me — one that changed the way I serve others through my work in the world. I bring my heart and mind to the art of my practice. I partner with clients to help them identify and realize their goals, and to see themselves as whole and empowered.  And I am dedicated to promoting wellness and resiliency, believe passionately in the power of art to heal, and weave those values throughout all that I do.

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